From Boring to Crazy Cool Light Fixture

Okay, so I have been MIA again.
I have a good excuse...I have been working on a surprise for my daughter-in-law's baby shower, but I can't share that with you yet...
And helping my daughter start her Etsy account full of cool stuff she (with my help) has made...but I can't share that with you yet either!
And playing with my granddaughter, Isla Rose...
But the biggest thing, is helping my daughter get ready for her wedding Oct. 7! That's right, she had the baby first and now Isla's Mommy and Daddy are getting married! I am making the wedding dress so I will share that with you when it's done.


A Tisket A Tasket...

A Wire Basket!
You know, when you get bored of looking at the same old thing...


High Quality Wood Look Wallpapered Wall

I have partnered with Walls Republic to bring you an honest opinion of their wallpaper products. Plus, directions on how to hang wallpaper! Yeah


Garden & House Tour - Part 2

We continue on Part 2 of the Garden & House Tour...you can see Part 1 HERE if you missed it.


Garden & House Tour - Part I

 I just went on a garden tour and wanted to take you along. I also got pictures of some great old houses...


Front Porch Changes

We just had our roof re-shingled. Plus the gutter guys are coming next week, so changes are happening. My young and cute, handy dandy handyman can really do ANYTHING! He and his crew tore the old off and put the new shingles on. As usual, I had more on my list for him to do...


The Olive Bucket

Everyone, including me wants one or has one. I was lucky to go to HyVee and find this now on sale out in their garden area for 50% off. It was only $20 for a very large size.


A New Sun Tunnel & Granddaughter

My little granddaughter, Isla (pronounced Eye-La) recently turned one and luckily I have a cousin that has a creative eye and wonderful camera to capture some very precious pictures of her.


It's a Marriage of Pieces

This is a marriage of a cute table,

Paired with my sweet vintage ice cream chairs...

And I think they look great together!


Working in the Gardens

Several followers wonder why I take breaks more often than I used to...

I have slowed down on projects since I closed my antique mall booth...

And am enjoying life more at this slower pace.

I still keep very busy...

And this time of the year, you can find me in the gardens slaving away at all that needs to be done.

Here are examples of what hubby and I have been up to the past two weeks...

In the fall of last year, we purchased a new arbor for the honeysuckle growing on the back fence row. This year, we have added a gate.


Sweet BoHo Baby Girl's Room

The fun decorating continues...

This time with my granddaughter's bedroom.

They rent this home, so we were limited with how creative we could be with the walls.

This is looking in the room from the doorway...


Cute-A-Fying a Rental Kitchen!

Recently, my daughter and her family of three moved into a 'new-to-them' rental.

She wondered, "How do I make this place look cute and homey?"

We were not allowed to paint, and though the kitchen is a very small galley kitchen (saved by a roomy pantry), it has new cabinets, appliances and flooring.


This bungalow house also has very high 10ft ceilings throughout. All nice features.

So what do you do when you are renting and want to cute-a-fy a space?


Fun Chalkboard Buffet Runner

My friend Amy, graciously is allowing me to show you this project that she did for an informal gathering.  Beware, you are going to drool!
 Amy used this Chalkboard Vinyl Surface purchased for $7.99 from Hobby Lobby...then


Vintage Swivel Frames

All I wanted was one vintage swivel frame. I just like them. On a trip to see my son and family last year, I mentioned to my oldest sister that I was on the lookout for one.


I Can't Believe I Clicked!

 Are you a fan of the daily sales
                           on Decor Steals?

I am...

And I think I had a very weak moment!

But CHAIR combined with ILLINOIS got me at hello!


Let Love Grow Tutorial!

In my possession was this rusty old scrub/wash board.

In my possession (sort of, go with me here) is a grown daughter setting up her new white kitchen with turquoise/blue accents.

In my possession is my creative brain and my daughter's recent words to me, "Mom, I really like the saying, 'Let Love Grow'."
Plus her love of succulents...

So I put the two together and came up with this live wall art.


How To Make Asian Beetles Run Away!

Do you have a problem with these stinky, biting Asian Beetles in your house? I do and I heard that you can use Lemon Oil on the areas they like to infest.  Instead of Lemon Oil for furniture polishing...


Magazine Feature

I have exciting news that I have wanted to share for over a year now!

I have a nine (9) page spread in the May 2016 Country Sampler magazine out now in stores!

Don't walk, RUN out to see what pages 48 - 56 have about my home.

Initially when they contacted me after seeing my blog, I was taken aback. I didn't think my home was suited for this magazine. Yes, I do have many country pieces, however over the years I have been refining my home to be more traditional with lots of vintage and whimsy.

They assured me that their magazine was trying to move from mostly Americana style to more of a country vibe.


New Pillows: Love At First Sight

I am ready for Spring even though its been a mild winter...

           Winter is my least favorite season and I am always happy to see it go bye-bye.

I fell in love with this fabric at first sight at Hobby Lobby and bought a yard.


Easter Decor + Architectural Salvage

I love collecting Architectural Salvage!

The key is to learn how to display my decor with and round it...

            allowing both to coordinate, share the spotlight and standout from the norm.

Without even realizing it, as I was taking pictures for my blog to share Easter decor, I realized that Easter decor was not the only common denominator in the pictures...architectural salvage was too!

These two corbels behind the bunny in the window make the bunny even more inviting to look at.

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