Making a Fireplace MoRe Impressive!

At times, some things are worth repeating! As it goes with my fireplace. Originally it looked like this...


Easy Paint Stripping Lesson 101

I have several favorite shows, and one of them is Rehab Addict with Nicole Curtis...


You CAN Make a Pendant Light Out of Anything!

Here is my popular master bathroom!

It's a well thought out space that hubby and I enjoy using since we gutted it about six years ago.

I love the look of a chandelier over a claw foot tub and installed one over mine.

What I didn't bargain for was having to clean that chandelier every other week. Yes, I am a bit of a neat freak and I just hate the dust on this piece.

And I didn't find any volunteers to take on this task of cleaning, so out goes this little lovely! It's time to be practical.


Painted Patio Rug!

Now that it's done

I can say,

"It's really pretty but,

Oh my aching back!"

I painted this 'rug' directly on the concrete!


Fall Decor in Close-up ~ Part 2

Previous Fall Decor was Part 1, click HERE if you missed it...
                                    Now enjoy seeing the rest...


Fall Decor in Close-up ~ Part 1

As I have been going throughout this year, I have been getting rid of a lot of decor that I am tired of or have way too much of. I want to be able to decorate but not on the scale that I was decorating.


And Then It Was A Clock

Can you see it?

I bet not!

After the dust settled on our huge garage sale, we realized that we sold something that we use every day...

Our master bathroom clock!

And if you know me, I didn't want just a clock to replace the clock.

 I wanted something different...
                 Something special.


Teal Frame Wreath

I had a huge garage sale last Friday and really cleaned out the house. Now that I no longer have a booth at the antique mall and have been spending time with my new granddaughter, I feel like a weight off my shoulders...to get all the clutter out of the house and all the storage items caused by needing inventory for my booth. Believe me, it was a very popular sale that was sold out in 5 hours on a Friday morning!!!

Hear that? That is my house breathing a sigh of relief!

Now I should be able to post more regularly and to start off, I made an unusual wreath for my daughter.


Quick Fall Door Decor

It is begrudgingly that I am slowly thinking about Fall decor. Why?

I have been busy with vacations, preparing our rental house for new occupants and of course, our new granddaughter.

Plus, I LOVE SUMMER. I love the heat since I am one that is always cold.

Though I do love decorating for the changing of the seasons, I just know that after Fall is Winter and NO, NO, NO, I hate that.

My neighbors even tease me, come the end of Autumn and say "good-bye", since they know I don't leave the house unless I absolutely have to and they just don't see me out until Spring.


How I Solved Problems with My Curtain/Windows

The Dilemma:

First, since a man built this house, he didn't realize the issues with putting a window directly in the corner against a wall.

Plus, with it being a window seat, there is no head room for curtains to be installed inside the recessed area!

And, there are two identical windows on opposing walls in this living room.

After much thought, I custom ordered cellular blinds that I installed under the transom windows...



Twin Set of Chairs

In an effort to clean

out extra furniture

that I have stored

in my attic space

above my hobby garage...

I came upon these two



French Chandelier Love

Do you ever WANT for no real reason,

Other than...

You just do?

That was the case with

                   my dining area chandelier.


My House & Gardens ~ Part II

If you have seen my last post on My House & Gardens ~ Part I (Or you can just click on highlighted words to go back and see it), I showed you the front of the house and yard.


My House & Gardens ~ Part I

I know for my followers that it seems as if I have fallen off the face of the Earth.

I promise you that I am still here and feeling a bit guilty for not posting.

So what have I been doing?

I have been spending as much time as possible with my new granddaughter...

and doing a ton of my favorite thing...YardWork!

Can you believe that I love it? Well it shows and I thought I would share the front yard with you first, then in Part II, I will share the back.


Let's Ride!

I found this

"much love needed" 


rocking horse at a 

garage sale!

Would have you bought it looking like this?



I love expressing myself

through creative ways

as many other bloggers


It doesn't take much to

get my mind flowing

with ideas.

I have a friend who's

birthday was coming up

and I decided on

something pretty

and useful...


Legless Dresser with a surprise!

This is one of those projects that came out better than expected.

The finished plan was in my head, but as I was working on each step, more and more evolved.

I think it's going to lead a very rewarding second life.


This Little Table of Mine!

There Is Something 

About Old Vintage

Fern Stand Tables

That Speak To Me

...And this one in no exception!


The Perfect Place for A Barn Door!

Hubby mentioned that he wanted hot and cold water in the garage and that's all it took for me to get my mind racing on what all I would do to give him what he wanted and me what I wanted.

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